• Teacher, PALS Level II

    I earned my teacher credential at St.Mary's College in my hometown, Moraga. I have been teaching PALS Level II since 1996, the same year that my youngest son, Riley, was born. Both of my sons were PALS kids. Riley was PALS class of '07 and Josh '04. I have always loved the wonderful sense of community the families create here and the connectedness that is available to kids even as they move on through the years.
    Teaching PALS second and third graders has to be the most rewarding teaching position I have experienced. The PALS team of teachers has felt like family as we have worked together so closely in our K-5 continuum. I enjoy how enthusiastic the children are for learning new things and am always amazed at how much they grow during our years together. Level II has been a perfect fit for me.
Last Modified on December 25, 2018